Explore the updated AWS Inventory Professional v2.0!
Export the inventory of your AWS resources to Excel files or send by Email with ONE click.

AWS Inventory v2

 Export AWS EC2 Instances

 Export AWS RDS Instances

 Export AWS S3 Buckets

 Export AWS EBS Volumens

 Export AWS Load Balancers
 Export VPCs, Subnets and VPNs

 Export AWS MQ Brokers

 AWS Session Tokens Authentication 

 Dark Theme 

 UI Redesign 
 Export AWS Lambda Functions  

 Export AWS IAM Roles  

 Export AWS IAM Policies  

 Export AWS IAM Users  

 Export AWS IAM Groups  

Coming soon: new version 2.5 with lots of new features. Available August 2021.

 Export Elastic IP Addresses 

 Export Security Groups 

 Export Network ACLs 

 Export Amazon WorkSpaces 

 Export Amazon ElastiCache 

 EC2 ID Added to the EBS Inventory 

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Introducing the new AWS Inventory CMD
for Windows, Linux and MacOS
AWS Inventory CMD is the command-line version of our best selling tool, designed for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Export the inventory of your AWS resources to Excel files or send the inventory by Email.

Automate the creation of inventories or send inventories by email using the Task Scheduler on Windows or Cron on Linux or macOS.

Select your OS to learn more:

AWS Inventory CMD for Windows        AWS Inventory CMD for Linux        AWS Inventory CMD for MacOS

guillermo -- bash
Last login: Thu Feb 28 11:15:53 on ttys006
Guillermos-Air:~ guillermo$ AWSInventoryCMD
AWS Inventory CMD v2.00 Build 2021.02.28

Usage: awsinventorycmd [--help] [--settings] [--command]

Available commands are:
--exportall        | Generate inventory of all services
--exportec2        | Generate inventory of EC2 instances
--exportrds        | Generate inventory of RDS instances
--exports3         | Generate inventory of S3 Buckets
--exportlb         | Generate inventory of Load Balancers
--exportebs        | Generate inventory of EBS Volumens
--exportvpc        | Generate inventory of VPCs
--exportsubnet     | Generate inventory of Subnets
--exportvpn        | Generate inventory of VPN
--exportiamgroup   | Generate inventory of IAM Groups
--exportiampolicy  | Generate inventory of IAM Policies
--exportiamrole    | Generate inventory of IAM Roles
--exportiamuser    | Generate inventory of IAM Users
--exportlambda     | Generate inventory of Lambda Functions
--exportmqbrokers  | Generate inventory of MQ Brokers

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 Move EC2

Move EC2 instances to another Subnet, AZ, VPC, AWS Region or AWS Account with ONE Click.

 Move EC2 Instances to another Subnet / AZ

 Move EC2 Instances to another VPC

 Move EC2 Instances to another AWS Region

 Move EC2 Instances to another AWS Account

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Move RDS Settings

Move RDS Settings

 Move RDS SQL Server

Move RDS SQL Server instances between AWS Regions and AWS Accounts without downtime.

 Move AWS RDS SQL Server effortless with a couple of clicks.

 Save plenty of time and money in migrations.

 AWS Snapshot Manager

Manage EBS snapshots, export list of EBS & RDS snapshots and AMI Images to Excel.

AWS Snapshot Manager

 Export list of EBS snapshots to Excel

 Export list of RDS snapshots to Excel

 Export list of AMIs to Excel

 Create backup of EC2 instances & EBS volumes

 Manage snapshots