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Use AWS Inventory to export your AWS resources in multiple AWS Regions and AWS Accounts to Excel with ONE click.


Export EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS instances, S3 Buckets, Load Balancers, VPCs, Subnets and more.

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Move EC2 instances to another Subnet, AZ, VPC, AWS Region or AWS Account with ONE click


After almost 2 years of development, testing and use on large production environments, we are introducing KopiCloud Move EC2.

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Export list of EBS & RDS snapshots to Excel, create backup of EC2 instances & EBS volumes, manage snapshots with AWS Snapshot Manager


Used and tested in large environments with multiple AWS accounts and regions.

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We don't read or store your Cloud Credentials in our servers and we are taking your security serioulsy. Read here for more information.