Who we are?

Hello! my name is Guillermo Musumeci and I'm the founder and developer of KopiCloud.

I'm a cloud architect certified in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, and I spent the last 6 years building highly resilient Cloud environments and automation tools for AWS, Azure & Google Cloud.

I started working with the public cloud in 2013 and founded KopiCloud in 2014.

Over the last 6 years, I'm been working with very large AWS environments, first, for a couple of banks in Singapore and Paris. Then as Solutions Architect for AWS Singapore, later as Principal Cloud Architect for a (defunct) startup and finally worked as Cloud Architect architecting, deploying and managing AWS infrastructure for the largest AWS customer in the Middle East.

Currently, I'm working as an Architect in Private & Public Cloud Automation for the biggest fashion group in the world.

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