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KopiCloud App EC2 Director Manager

Tool to allow users or developers to start, stop or restart EC2 Instances on demand WITHOUT sharing credentials

Use a Simple Wizard to create complex and secure EC2 Director Configurations files.

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Explore the capabilities of EC2 Director Manager

EC2 Director Manager is a tool designed for complex and secure environments.

This tool creates secure EC2 Director Configurations to allow end users or developers to Start, Stop & Restart EC2 On Demand without sharing any AWS credentials.

Users or Developers can import EC2 Director Configurations into the EC2 Director Basic tool and access to a specific EC2 instances during an specific time.

EC2 Director Basic is a FREE tool to save money by allowing Users or Developers to Start, Stop & Restart EC2 Instances on demand.

Benefits of EC2 Director Manager Configurations

 No access to the AWS Console to the users or developers is required.

 No extra AWS services are required.

 We limit the user to only the actions such as start, stop, or restart. No extra permissions.

 Users will be able to start, stop and restart EC2 instances on demand.

 Users can see the status, start, stop and restart all EC2 instances in multiple AWS regions on a single screen.

 No maintenance - user access will expire at a specific time.

 Users can only see specific machines. I don't want users to see all my EC2 Instances.

 We can hide details such as IPs, DNS names, AWS regions, and more to the user.

How to Use EC2 Director Manager?

First, we need to add the AWS Credentials, then use the Wizard to create the EC2 Manager Configuration file.

Finally, we share the .EC2Manager with our users or developers.

Note: Please check this post for detailed information on how to configure and implement EC2 Director Manager and EC2 Director Basic.

Configure the AWS Credentials

Click on the Configure AWS Credential menu icon on the taskbar.

In the AWS Credentials tab, type a Profile Name to identify the account, and the Access Key Id, and the Secret Access Key of an IAM user.

EC2 Director Manager Credentials

Use the Wizard to Create a EC2 Director Configuration

Create a EC2 Manager Configuration file to share with your users or developers.

 Configure AWS Credentials

Enter a Profile Name (this is the name that users will use to connect to your EC2 Instances from EC2 Director) and select AWS Account Name.

Then, set the scan of regions to Default AWS Region or to All AWS Regions.
EC2 Director Manager Credentials

EC2 Director Manager Select EC2 Instances

 Select EC2 Instances

Select the AWS EC2 Instance(s) to show to the user.

If we don't select an EC2 instance, it will show ALL instances to the user.

 Select EC2 Columns to Show

Select the columns to show in EC2 Director console to to the user. 

In this step, you can hide the VPC, Private/Public IP & DNS Addresses and other settings to the user or developer.
EC2 Director Manager Columns

EC2 Director Manager Expiration Date

 Set Expiration Date

In this step, we have two options:

Set expiration to No Expiration or define a specific date when the EC2 Manager Configuration file will stop working automatically.

 Set the User and Administrator Password

To increase the security of the tool, we have two passwords.

The User Password is required to import the configuration into the EC2 Director tool.

The Administrator Password is required to load and edit or update the file.
EC2 Director Manager Columns

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