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Can I Trust my Cloud Credentials to KopiCloud?

At kopicloud.com we are taking your security very seriously. Below are some FAQ about security:

Question: Where do KopiCloud store my cloud credentials?
Answer: KopiCloud tools store your cloud credentials in your local machine, and we don't store any cloud credentials or data on our servers.

Question: How do KopiCloud protect my cloud credentials?
Answer: The tools store your cloud credentials encrypted in the file Kopi.AWS.Credentials (for AWS tools), Kopi.Azure.Credentials (for Azure tools), Kopi.Google.Credentials (for Google Cloud tools) and Kopi.VMware.Credentials (for VMware tools). The credentials are encrypted twice using standard symmetric algorithms. We don't store or replicate this information to our our servers. You need to keep the credential file safe.

Question: Do I need any internet connection to use KopiCloud tools?
Answer: KopiCloud tools use the API of the cloud provider, so you need to connect ONLY to the vendor site. You don't need to connect to our servers.

Question: Do I need to use my root cloud credentials?
Answer: Best practices recommended to avoid using your root credentials. Instead, create an IAM user. Most of our tools just read information from the cloud provider and they don't need write permissions. A read-only IAM account will work for the inventory tools, however, migration tools will need write permissions. Instructions to generate a Read-Only IAM user are here.

Question: The KopiCloud site is safe?
Answer: Yes. We store account of customers encrypted in the database and the database is not accessible from internet. And the site uses a SSL certificate to encrypt the traffic between your computer and our servers.