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Check our roadmap and help us to prioritize the most valuable features for you.

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In Progress

EC2 Director BASIC

RDP and SSH EC2 Instances from EC2 Director

- RDP EC2 Instances 

- SSH EC2 Instances

- Password Manager to manage credentials

Q2-2023 New Feature

Up Next

AWS Inventory

Add Support for EKS, ECS and Fargate

Add Inventories of EKS, ECS and Fargate to AWS Inventory

Q2-2023 New Feature

AWS Inventory

AWS Inventory for macOS

Release AWS Inventory for macOS

Q2-2023 New Feature

AWS Inventory

EC2 Instance Launch time

Would it be possible to add Launch time field please? It will be very useful to count total cost of running instances.

Q2-2023 New Feature


AWS Inventory

Add Support for Redshift

Would love to see support for Amazon Redshift in AWS Inventory, we use it for data warehousing in multiple accounts and it would be great to be able to get this through your inventory tool instead of manually.

January 2023 New Feature

Move EC2

Informations in Kopi.AWS.Credentials file must be encrypted

AWS Access key ID and Secret access key appear in plain text in this file.

Feb-2023 Bug & Fixes

KopiCloud Web Site

AWS Regions API

We want to add AWS Regions API to the KopiCloud website, so we don't need to release a new build every time AWS launches a new region.

January 2023 New Feature

In Review