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KopiCloud App Move RDS SQL Server

Move RDS SQL Server instances between AWS Regions and AWS Accounts without downtime

Move RDS SQL Server will help you to move your AWS RDS SQL Server Instances with a few clicks without downtime (*)

The application supports 4 different scenarios:

 Move RDS Instance to the same AWS region, in the same AWS account (useful to move a RDS Instance to a new DB Subnet)

 Move RDS Instance to a different AWS region in the same AWS account

 Move RDS Instance to the same AWS region, but in a different AWS account

 Move RDS Instance to a different AWS region in a different AWS account

Introducing KopiCloud Move RDS SQL Server, a tool with +2 years of development, testing and use on large production environments.

Download the newest version now!

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Explore the capabilities of Move RDS SQL Server

With Move RDS SQL Server, we can:

 Move AWS RDS SQL Server effortless with a couple of clicks.

 Create DB Subnets in seconds.

 Save plenty of time and money in migrations.

But we CANNOT offer:

 Move SQL Server Databases encrypted using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) because is not supported by AWS.

 Move Encrypted RDS Databases (We are working to add support of Encrypted Databases but is NOT ready yet).

 Move RDS Clusters is not supported (If you are interested on this feature, send us a message).

 Move other RDS Databases Engines (More database engines are coming, send us a message to prioritize).

Create RDS DB Subnet

To create a new DB Subnet, click on the Create a new DB RDS Subnet menu button:

Create RDS DB Subnet

To create a new DB subnet, we need to enter:
 DB Subnet name
 DB Name description

and we need to select:
 AWS Region

and then, click the Create button.

Configure Application Settings

To configure application settings, click on the Settings menu:

Copy Timeout (Minutes) (Default: 60 minutes):
This value configures the timeout of the AMI image copy operation.

Delete Snapshot When Done (Default: No)
 Yes: delete temporary snapshots.
 No: keep temporary snapshots.

Application Theme (Default: Dark Theme)
 Dark Theme: show UI with a Black Theme
 Light Theme: show UI with a White Theme

Move RDS Settings

The free version allows you to move RDS Databases between the same AWS account and AWS region.

Upgrade your license to move RDS databases between AWS regions & AWS accounts and receive technical support.

(*) Downtime will be required to point your application to new database, but the tool will not modify your original RDS instance. The process of migration of the KopiCloud Move RDS tool will keep your original RDS untouched. The process creates a copy of the source RDS instance and the instance will continue running without any interruption.


[Release Date: v1.0 - October 16, 2020]

 Original release

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